Scent of Magic


After reading Crown of Midnight I needed a book with the same kind of feel in order quench my thirst while I wait for the third novel (which is not any time soon). I decided that this was a good time to pick up the second novel in the Healer series. Scent of Magic by Maria V. Snyder picks up with Avery, the last Healer, in hiding once again since everyone in the 15 realms believes she’s dead. Free from her enemies she has a mission to find her sister, but in doing so she get’s caught up once again in war. King Tohon, ( a character who reminds me a lot of the Darkling from Shadow and Bone), the unstable life mage who is set on overtaking the 15 realms with his army of Dead and who has a unresistable drawl on Avery has changed his tactics. Now, Avery must once again resist his power to save the realms for good.

I forgot how much I enjoy Snyder’s Healer series. It has strong, colorful characters, espionage, magic, and war. If your looking for something similar to Shadow and Bone or Throne of Glass I would suggest this series.


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